Sunday 21 December 2014

My 1st Parcel from iHerb

My first and definitely WILL NOT be my last... ^^
I was really excited and looking forward to receive my parcel on Fri as that was what was stated in my order but it was not meant to be. I called DHL only to find out that they will deliver either over the weekend or latest by Monday. I was so disappointed... I had meals planned up. I guess they will have to wait... =( Well, I'm just glad they are FINALLY here in my hands! Let's take a look!

I have a feeling I'm going to need more of this...

No Trans Fatty Acids
Source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (You can read all about this on Google)
Too many good stuff from coconut especially when it's organic and extra virgin.
I bought this for my constipation problem and I'm thinking of using this on my hair as I also am suffering from hair loss...

I put this in my cart to try. I'm a soup person so...
I'm going to try this out and tell you guyz all about it...

I've always liked balsamic vinegar on my salads.
Since I'm buying stuff from iHerb, might as well get this too!

I read that this is good with grilled pork.
Sounds yummy... Can't wait to try it out...

Again, this one to try out. Haven't really thought of where I'll use this...

For making pancakes or maybe coconut muffins? I'll have to look for a recipe for that...
I've no problem with gluten but J can't take gluten so perhaps S can make some pancakes for him with this flour. 1 stone hit 2 birds! ^^

Lots of fibre! I'm going to add 1 tbsp of this goodness in my yogurt! =)

I used to have a packet of Chia Seeds from NTUC Fairprice. Most of it got unused and I threw it into the bin. Yes, I threw it into the bin! What a waste! Click on the link to read all about the goodness of this superfood.

I tried Quinoa once when J was on the Paleo diet and I didn't appreciate it.
I found some recipes for Quinoa. Let's see if I still continue not to like it...

Enjoy Life Foods, Mini Chips, Semi-Sweet Chocolate (283g)
For making Granola Bars. Yumz...

I read that this is so good and addictive.
I'm going to use these and make me some yummylicious Granola Bars!

For making Granola Bars, put in my Greek Yogurt or as a snack.

For making Granola Bars and to put in my Greek Yogurt.

For making Granola Bars, put in my Greek Yogurt or as a snack.

Let's move to tea now shall we? I LURVE my tea! I got to know about this brand - Yogi from YouTube videos and couldn't seem to find it in my supermarket. Initially, I had selected more than 10 types of tea from iHerb. Then I told myself, "Hey! You're only trying out... You don't even know if you'll like this brand! Do you really need to jump on the wagon and get so many?!" Hence, I concluded at 5 different types. Ha ha...


Thank you for reading till the end... ^^

Here's the video version:

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Have a great day ahead! X'mas is approaching... Can you feel it yet?

Dreamy C

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