Friday, 26 December 2014

Henderson Walk & MacRitchie

The kiddos were with us for most part of this week.
Monday, we went to Alexandra where we did the Henderson Walk. It's a manageable walk and still, the kiddos complained. All except for Fatty.

I don't know the name of this spider but it sure looks good to me.

Another nice looking one but frankly speaking, I prefer the earlier spider.

Saw this kitty dozing off on one of the seats at the Henderson Waves.
Lovely prints...

Come Tuesday, we brought them to Botanical Garden.
Wednesday, we went to MacRitchie Park where we did the Lornie Walk and the Tree Top Walk.
It's a whopping 3-hr walk! No joke!
It's challenging as well as there's a really steep slope before reaching the Tree Top but the reward after that slope is really worth it. This was my 2nd time there and the Tree Top never fails to amaze me of God's creations and nature. Really thankful to Him who created all these for us to enjoy... ^^

So that's how my past weekdays look like before Christmas!

Well, I wish you a Merry Christmas & Joyous New Year 2015!
Have a great Boxing Day today!

Dreamy C

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