Sunday, 28 December 2014

Dinner with Mom on 27.12.2014 & A Little B'day Treat

I met up with dear Mommy just yesterday along with D.
We went to a coffee shop near AMK Hub.
Turned out pretty well...

They made this bean curd themselves

Lotus Roots were really crunchy!

Lovely Red Snapper...
I luuurrvvvveeee steam fish. So does Mommy!

Damage? 50 odd dollars. Not bad I say...

A little b'day treat from Kintamani Restaurant in Furama Riverfront Hotel
The buffet at Kintamani Restaurant really isn't worth it.
I've yet to try this cake though... I'm going to give 3/4 of it to my neighbor later.
Why? We don't have many mouths to finish the food.
J's not a great eater and he's very careful about his food. Our helper is the same so that leaves me.
I can't finish a whole load of food myself and on the other hand, I'm on a healthy diet! Heh heh...

Hope your Sunday went well so far... I'm going to read more on VegSmoothieBunny's blog!

Ta Ta...

Dreamy C

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