Sunday, 13 October 2013

Nasi Lemak Kukus

Like I said in the earlier post, I'm going to blog about Nasi Lemak today...

This stall - Nasi Lemak Kukus is located at 908 Upper Thomson Road. The rice has been steamed over water and not cooked in water. This results in rice with a more grainy texture. This is according Dr Leslie Tay. What are my thoughts? Well, I was too hungry to try and figure that out! I also failed to take photos of the food and will have to make do with the photos taken from the portion which I bought for our helper. My sincere apologies.

This is how much I bought to feed 1 person. I couldn't help it! I wanna buy almost all of the dishes there! Taste is another matter.

There's curry veggie which tasted not bad, hot dog (I'm a sucker for hot dogs and sausages) which taste pretty standard, chili ikan bilis (this I like a lot! Taste just nice.), omelette (one word - bland. Please allow me another word - distasteful.), sambal goreng (lousy, tasteless. Even my helper cooked better ones).

I also bought otah. This was unopened. Color of otah was unattractive and the taste was nothing memorable. Enough said.

Their chicken wings was worth waiting for. I reached there 15 mins to 6 and was told that they're not ready till 6. It was flavorful, well marinated and delicious!

The photo does not do the real thing justice.

So I say, next time, go for their chili ikan bilis, rice and chicken wings. Have a truckload of chicken wings if you like but save some for me! Heh heh...

I took a cab home and the uncle was telling me that he has not heard of Nasi Lemak Kukus but he sure know that there's a stall selling really nice Yong Tau Foo nearby. He said it's very near the petrol kiosk there. Will give it a go soon! He also told me that there's a stall selling nice Pigs Trotters in a coffeeshop at AMK 31. Hold on... was it 13 or 31? Lol...

Till next time...

Dreamy C

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