Saturday, 26 October 2013

Another Parcel...

Another parcel! Makes me so happy... Let me show you my goodies!

This I bought because you are able to have a straight glue and also a small square of glue. Don't understand? Go YouTube and find out more!

This I bought as I have the co-ordinating stamp set.
Saves me time cutting the little pieces out though at times, I do prefer cutting even though it takes more time and effort as I find it therapeutic. 

I bought this as I lost the alphabet Y from my Martha Stewart alphabet stamp set. I lost it while washing it. I dropped it in the hole in the sink. Bummer! Anyway, I'm glad I now have small letters as well! I'm thinking of getting the Harold's version on the next purchase.

This I bought to make Baby Shower cards.
Lawn Fawn never fails to produce stamps with cute images.
Most Lawn Fawn stamps have to be pre-ordered. This included.

I've a powder pad but I don't enjoy having cornstarch on my hands all the time so I bought this, hoping it's better.

I've been wanting this Glossy Accents for a while now.
This is 1 of the items which will make a difference on your card, just like the white gel pen!

Like I said previously, I've a number of girlfriends who gave birth to bb girls recently and I thought of making some hair clips for them! I got the felt material ready couple of weeks back so I'm ready to roll now...

I like straight lines. This explains the ruler.
It's not just any ruler. It's a T-ruler.

That's all I have for today!

Have a brilliant Saturday y'all... I know I'm going to be busy, VERY busy...

I'm now towards the end of making Christmas cards for my church. I'm now making the lids of the boxes.

Till next time, take good care...

Dreamy C

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