Friday, 21 June 2013

Things Just Got A Little Crazier...

Just 11am today, PSI hit 400! I was really shocked!

I went to Mass Technologies this morning & it's chaotic. People say money can't buy certain things. This would be one of them. Even if you're a big shot, you've to join the queue like everyone else & You know what's frustrating? They only accept cash Or cheque. Nonetheless, I'm happy  I managed to get 3 boxes of masks for my mom & my family.

Mom works the night shift @ a coffee shop. I'm very worried for her. Though she's not asthmatic, she's not exactly healthy. She's a smoker & she's overweight. I'm going to get her some Vitamin C & Manuka honey tomorrow. I'm also going to pass her some disposable eye drops. She's all I've got. she's my Mom & the most important person in my life, other than God. I MUST take good care of her.

Stay safe people...

Dreamy C

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