Thursday, 13 June 2013

Great Scrub!

I don't remember if I've blogged about this before but late last year, I bought some scrub from LUSH. The SA raved about it. I should say I ended up buying it not because I want it so much, not because the product is calling out for me but because of how good the SA said it is. She said, "I use it everyday myself and I've been using it for like ages!" Okie SOLD! Ha ha...

I don't have a picture here but I guess you can go check it out at LUSH. As I got it late last year, it's made to be like the face of Santa Claus with his hat, cap whatever. I've kept it in my cabinet for more than 6 months and it's only NOW that I start to use it. Imagine the number of products I've purchased over the years and NOT started to use them! I'm ashamed of myself sometimes. Ha ha...

Verdict? I was pleasantly surprised! To be honest, I hardly believe the words of any SA. Their aim is to sell and they'll do anything to reach their goal. Yes, ANYTHING! Well, that's just my opinion. You can beg to differ. I use a generous amount on my entire body and boy is it smooth! I'm so happy!

1 x Santa Claus breaks up to about 1.5 containers of their LUSH mask. That's a good quantity. ^^ I purchased 2 x Santa Claus and I'm definitely buying more when I'm running out.

Smooth body = Happy Me!

Dreamy C

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