Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Lunch @ Fish & Co

Went to The Glasshouse for lunch with the kiddos. We ordered a few items.

Let's start with the Starters.

Mussels in lemon butter sauce, served with bread.
I believe the bread is focaccia.
 This has been one of my favourites & still is.

Fried calamari.
Ironically, it's ordered by the boy who chokes on it previously.

Fried whitebait.
J has always have a soft spot for them.

Next up? Our Mains...

Mine! Fish & Chips with Chili Crab Sauce.

J's main - London Fish & Chips.

Danish Fish & Chips

By the time I took all the above photos, l decided not to carry on as Fish & Chips will always be Fish & Chips no matter how you capture the photo so I pretty much stopped here.

Happy Kids = Happy Me!!!

Dreamy C

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