Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I want to lose weight & I want a lower % of fat! I've been working out by going for brisk walking of at least 4km in 45 wins on alternate days but I just can't get the fats down! I cut down from junk food, fried stuff & soft drinks & yet the % of fats increase! I've no idea why there's an increase when I've cut down on sugary food & I've started to exercise! How could this be?! I've been having salads for dinner for the past couple of weeks! What's wrong?! I don't understand.

I'm no longer a young adult. l no longer have the priviledge of eating what I want & hardly putting on any significant weight. I'm only 1.59 metres till & I weighed 63kg a week plus ago. l now weigh 61kg & I've 6kg more to lose. % of fats isn't looking good. Before l did all the changes, it was 34.1%. After a week plus of change, it shoots up to 34.7%! How come like that one?! I weighed myself again yesterday & it's 34.5%! I'm going to faint...

I wore a dress to work today & my tum tum seems to have grown up a few notches within a short span of time! I HATE this dress!

Okie! This is what I'm going to do.
1st, I'm going to take brown rice instead of white.
2nd, I'm going to take whole grain bread instead of white.
3rd, I'm going to take plain yoghurt instead of the fruity ones which are packed with sugar.
4th, I'm going to continue working out on alternate days. I'm going to do at least 30 mins of brisk walking & I'm going to climb the stairs to at least the 10th floor.
5th, I'm going to continue with salad for dinner & the dressing will be either red or white wine vinegar with some olive oil, salt & pepper.

I'm going to do this between 2 weeks to a month. Let's see where this brings me.

If % of fats is still not working, I'm going for detox!!!

Dreamy C

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