Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day 2 Part I

Day 2 in Genting! Breakfast was at the Casino, VIP corner. It is surprisingly not bad. The Chee Cheong Fun there is not bad. It's like an international buffet. No photos as it's not allowed.

Ms. JH's parents headed back to Singapore after breakfast. We went for round 2 of shopping. To Padini Concept Store we go!

Ended up with 2 pairs of flats.
Retails for RM89.00
Retails for RM49.00
Wanted to get this so much but none available in my size.
All but size 5. Darn... Felt so comfortable. =(
Next up? Converse. Ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes. 1 for Fatty, 1 for Handsome, 1 for J's eldest kid and 1 for Ms. H's oh-so-adorable boy. His birthday falls in November and I couldn't resist how cute it'll look on him. It's funny just thinking how I got his shoe size.
For Fatty
Retails for RM159.90
For Handsome
Retails for RM109.90 after RM50.00 discount
For J's Eldest Kid
Retails for RM149.90 after RM70.00 discount
I think there's a promotion for Superman themed shoes.
Shopping made my feet tired. Healing Touch to the rescue!
First, they soak your feet in a pail of lukewarm water with 2 sachets of ginger.
In they go for around 5 minutes.
A 40-minute foot reflexlogy for RM68.00.
Slightly more expensive than the one back home. Can you believe it?!
 Shoes? Check! Foot massage? Check! Lunch? We went to Hainan Restoran Kitchen.
As it's nearing Halloween, we caught some 'creatures' creeping out having a break before night fall.
Nice Make-Up though...
Ms. JH's Starter - Mushroom Soup
Retails for RM7.80
Ms. JH's Main - Salmon
Retails for RM24.90
My Main - Chicken Rice
Retails for RM16.30
Check out the Chili Sauce!
Chili looked good but lacked the oomph factor. Not spicy. As for the chicken rice, I have a feeling that I might be better off with their sauteed duck with spring onion. Frankly speaking, the chicken rice near my home taste much, much better.
We also have some Ginseng tea which goes for RM5.00 per cup.
We went to check out M Spa but didn't proceed with it. The price list was appalling. 
Balinese / Swedish / Aromo Massage : RM218.00 for 60 minutes
M Spa Stress Away : RM315.00 for 90 minutes
Hot & Cold Stone Therapy : RM350.00 for 90 minutes
Cocoa / Orange / Green Tea / Marine Scrub : RM210.00 for 40 minutes
Chocolate Wrap : RM380.00 for 80 minutes
Algogel Slimming : RM380.00 for 90 minutes
AlgoPerformance Care : RM380.00 for 80 minutes
AlgoRadiance Care : RM180.00 for 45 minutes
There's a package lasting for 2 hours 20 minutes. It consist of a Balinese/Swedish/Aroma massage, a scrub and a chocolate wrap. Damage? 2 bucks shy of RM500.00!!! *horror*
Dreamy C

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