Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bag from NARS

From NARS, I spent close to $300 and I'm going to show you the goodies...

Left: Nail Polish in Schiap (1751)
Right: Nail Polish in Trouville (1784)
Retails for $30 each
Nail Polish from NARS are Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP free. Schiap expires in May 2017 and Trouville in March 2017.
Lipstick in Dolce Vita
Retails for $38
Expires in March 2017
Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight
Retails for $37
Expires in October 2016
Close-Up Swatch
A light pinkish tone
Blush in Deep Throat
Retails for $50
Expires December 2016 
Close-Up Swatch
Top: Heavy Swatch (at least 3 swipes)
Bottom: Light Swatch (1 swipe)
Blush in Orgasm
Retails for $50
Expires March 2017
Left: Swatch in 1 swipe
Right: Swatch in at least 3 swipes
Blush in Torrid
Retails for $50
Expires April 2017
Left: Swatch in 1 swipe
Right: Swatch in at least 3 swipes
Total of 7 items. I do like the blushes. Orgasm has shimmer in it. I've oily complexion and probably should not take this but I also read reviews saying that though it has shimmer, it's not that obvious once applied. Torrid was on recommendation by the SA.
There's a few more items I would like to get but weren't available. One of them is the Lipliner in Hush. I read that it's a neutral lipliner. Also, they don't carry The Multiple in Aptides. I must say that they have The Multiple as a highlighter which is pretty nice. I can't remember the name but looked silver on the tube.
One thing good about their Multiple is as how it's name is suggested. It can be applied on the lids, cheeks and lips. Nice. Why didn't I get it then? I still didn't like the idea of a cream blush. Perhaps I'm not ready to grasp the art of application yet. Maybe later...
Dreamy C

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