Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sushi Tei & Mooncake

This is my first time to Sushi Tei, no kidding. Go on. Laugh! I'm courageous enough to admit it. *pat on my shoulder* When it comes to Japanese food, I always go to Ichiban Boshi. I've been to the outlets in AMK Hub, Jurong Point and Great World City. I must say Great World City is THE BEST! They have a selection of good sashimi there. Don't tell me about those in Japan. You don't compare Tom Yum soup in Thailand with those in Singapore would you?
My gf had this. The yellow thing on top? Mango.
My favourite! Don't remember what this is called.
From here on, no more photos on Sushi Tei as I was too engrossed with the conversation and have forgotten to take photos. Anyway, my gf has some kind of Ramen and I had Beef Sukiyaki. I almost always have this. I prefer the one from Great World City than this. The beef just taste better there. Gf also had a dessert - fish ice-cream. Let's just say it's ice-cream in a biscuit-like outer layer, shaped like a fish.
Total cost? Slightly less than 75 bucks. Oh! We also have Chicken Yakitori and another dish which I've forgotten what it was.
Ever going back again? Not sure leh...
I bought this for J - Wu Ren from Holiday Inn. J likes it. He said it's not too sweet. It's surprising that he likes eating mooncakes filled with nuts, given that he's not an asian. Last year, I went durian crazy and bought a few boxes of durian snowskin mooncakes from Homes Favourite. It's really nice. I even bought the Mao Shan Durian. This year, I don't have that big of a craving so I'm laying low and give mooncakes a miss.
I hope you have a fabulous Zhong Qiu Jie!!! Sip some tea with those mooncakes will ya? ^^
Dreamy C

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