Wednesday, 25 January 2017

5D4N Trip to Bangkok - Day 5

Day 5 being the last day, I brought The Dowager to Rung Reung for some Tom Yum noodles.
Both of us had the soup version. We ordered the same thing, just different noodles.
We were given 1 x Tom Yum soup and 1 x clear soup. Wrong order!
Not complaining since it taste good.
Portions were small as expected. I ordered the dry version to try and in conclusion, I preferred the dry version whereas The Dowager preferred the soup version.
Please add in lime juice and dry chilli according to your taste.
Add a little dry chilli at a time. They are potent! Trust me on this.

Walked a little to Phrom Phong BTS and also ate a little along the way...
Ate Mee Jiang Kueh only that the filling is shredded coconut, corn with a little bit of sugar.
Hmmm... real nice! 15 Baht nia... which is around 60 cents?

Went back to the hotel and chill.
Checked out and took the Mercedes cab which was arranged by the hotel.
600 Baht is a little steep but hey! Anything for comfort on the way back...

I will DEFINITELY be back Bangkok! Wait for me...

Dreamy C

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