Wednesday, 25 January 2017

5D4N Trip to Bangkok - Day 1

When in Bangkok, Shop and Eat!

I went with a Pacsafe Carry On Bag and a foldable bag from Timberland.
I also brought along another Pacsafe sling bag which I've grown to LOVE after this trip.
Mommy went with a huge luggage and a foldable bag.

Bought air tickets from Jetstar Asia and the Hotel that we're going to stay is Novotel Siam Square because of its convenient location. It's conveniently located near Siam BTS.
From Siam BTS, you want to exit at the one opposite Siam Paragon.
There's Siam Center, Siam Paragon and Siam Square nearby.
Walk for about 10 - 15 mins, you'll get to Central World, Platinum Mall, Big C.
Lek Massage, Chang Massage & Smile are just across the hotel's side entrance.
Exit from the side entrance, turn left and walk straight and you'll reach Siam BTS.
Along the way, you'll see a little shop selling magazines and newspapers.
Inside that stretch holds quite a number of food and drink stalls. I shall call this the magazine lane going forward.
I had really good pork rice (better than the one at Soi 9 with that 'famous' wanton noodles) and Cha Yen. Photos can be found on my Instagram.

From Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can take the Airport Transfer to Phaya Thai Station where you can switch to BTS. I didn't take that as it's really inconvenient travelling with Mom's HUGE luggage.
We ended up taking the cab. Right outside, you can stop the taxi queue. One must get a taxi ticket from the many automated machines and they'll just tell you which lane to go.

Having reached at an odd hour in the afternoon, we went to Som Tam Nua to grab some grub.
We were slightly disappointed to know that a few of their salads were no longer available.
We also ordered their noodles which weren't delicious and their fried chicken. Now for the chicken, where it lacks in crispiness, the flavour of it makes up for it. So flavourful, I ate more than 1/2!

We walked around for a bit and bought some fruits back to the hotel.
I've come to realise that their fruits though pale looking, were in fact sweet and yummy!

Later that night, we took a boat ride to Asiatique where we shopped more.
I really enjoyed Asiatique as it's where I bought 2 lovely pairs of leather flats!

We ended the day with an hour foot reflexology at Chang Massage which turned out to be a really BAD idea. We left with bruises come the next morning.
Bad experience! NEVER going back there EVER!

Dreamy C

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