Tuesday 18 November 2014

Rise Hair Salon @ 12 Gemmill Lane

This place is just 5 mins walk from Telok Ayer train station and 10 mins from Chinatown train station. My first time so I went there by cab. Leaving the place, I took the train. So accessible. Maybe I can get my hair done there next time before heading to Chinatown for some good dim sum. =)

Stepped in. Shortly after, I was offered a warm glass of water. Hmmm... I was coughing and the receptionist is attentive to bring me a warm glass of water without having me to ask. Good vibe for far...

Then, one of the directors attended to me. I told him I was there for scalp treatment (I've been having the issue of hair loss for too many years now and Phyto and Trichocare just is a disappointment). He then use his hands to go through my hair and scalp for a while. While he was at it, I thought to myself, "Shit! I guess my condition is really bad and that's why he took such a long time going over and over." He looked really focused while doing it though...

After that, it's off to washing and that's when I start asking him questions. It seems like the biggest problem people have is not blow drying their hair after a wash. I was told that in the long run, it's more damaging than perming or dyeing. Hmmm... he also said that if the scalp is pale in color, it is healthy. My scalp is pink, red, brown, anything just not pale and white. =(

This place will be 2 come January 2015. I didn't expect it to be this new. Looks good. The toilet looks even better. I really must bow down to the Japanese for tidiness, attentiveness etc. Hand soap? Crabtree & Evelyn. o.O

Half their customers are Japanese and the other half are non-Japanese.

Next up? Application of treatment. I observed him for a few moments. He looked to be engrossed, very engrossed in touching my scalp. He looked like when a Chinese Sinseh is feeling your pulse, focused, deep concentration. I'll probably ask him about it next visit. Ha ha...

Next, he put this round thing around my head. Like my steamer back home. It was operating for 15 mins. While it's on my hair, he was so attentive, he brought a sort of like a push cart for me to put my glass of water. He also took note to refill my glass of water. Again, warm without having me to ask. Goodness! I almost faint of impressiveness.

Thereafter, it's a wash and blow dry. Then he touch my scalp and hair again and smiled while saying, "Good! No oil!" Huh... don't get it but I'm sure it's good enough. My hair smells good and it smells just as good this morning! Ahhh... scalp treatment. I'm liking it.

Another thing I like about him is that he does not hard sell his products AT ALL! Not even when I push my way to get him to sell them. Impeccable!

Scalp Treatment = SGD80
They have a promotion which I'm not sure if it's still on-going which is a cut + hair treatment = SGD200. I wonder if the hair treatment is the same as scalp treatment.

I like it! The first impression is good. The service is good. My head is well looked after. ^^
I'm planning on going again next month, probably 2 weeks from now though he said once a month is sufficient.

He did introduce himself at the end. Yohei san.
He stood near while I pay and he bid me farewell.
So friendly, well-mannered. Hmmm...

Next time, I'll ask him why name it as Rise. Hair rising? Ha ha... Lame joke.
Alright! I leave you alone for now...

See ya around...

Dreamy C

Note: Apologies for no photos but you can google and see all the photos... ^^

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