Sunday, 16 November 2014

Midori Traveler's Notebook

I went to Little Man yesterday and boy am I excited to share what I got with you! Take a look!

My very own Midori Traveler's Notebook in Passport size!
I'm using this to pen down my thoughts. I might also use this as my little 'wallet'. All I need is to add in a zipper insert to hold my dollars and coins. I will also need a kraft pocket insert so I can stuff receipts on the go. Lastly, I need to have a monthly notebook so I can track my schedule. ^^ At this moment, it's filled with 01 x lined notebook. I'm loving this Midori which I shall call him Blackie.
Other than 01 x lined notebook, I attached a pen loop and a little 'charm' which is actually Totoro's friend. I do not know his name so it shall be Mr. White. Not Walter White in Breaking Bad. I would never want that!

I also got notebooks for Midori Traveler's Notebook in Regular size. Though I do not have the regular size cover with me, I'm going to get it when the stock comes in hopefully end Nov.
I also got myself more lined notebooks for Blackie. Blackie originally comes with 01 x blank notebook which I'll include it in when the connecting bands arrive.

Well, I'm really excited! I've started using Blackie and I LOVE it! I love the size, love the smell, love everything about it! Goodbye Finsburies for now...

Come end Nov or probably early Dec, I'm going to get the following for my Regular Size Midori:
05 x Grid Notebooks
01 x Zipper Insert
01 x Kraft Pocket Insert
01 x Namecard Insert
01 set of Pockets
01 x Connecting Bands
01 x Pen Loop

Well, I'm going to add all the above into my Regular Midori including 01 x lined notebook. I shall be using it for Business and BSF. I'll only put 01 x grid notebook in though.

For Blackie, I'm going to get the following:
01 x Zipper Insert
01 x Kraft Pocket Insert
01 x Connecting Bands

I guess that's all for now...
I hope your Sunday has been great thus far...

Dreamy C
*I shall include in my YouTube video here once it's uploaded.

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