Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday, 11.08.2014

What have you been up to over the weekend? It's our National Day on Sat. Why isn't it on Friday or Sunday or Monday?!?! We will then have an extra day to rest! Ha ha...

Anyway, I went to catch a movie with the kiddos - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I can't believe I actually watched that. I watched that when I was a kid and now that I'm an adult, it's back to haunt me! Ha ha... The movie was alright, nothing fantastic. A bit of action here and there, a big of humor here and there. Nothing amazing really...

In the afternoon, I went down to MTH to collect a stamp from MaMa Elephant which I've ordered a few weeks back. I ended up with other stuff as well. How typical of a woman can I be? Ha ha...

12" x 12" paper pad by Dear Lizzy
Kraft & White 12" x 12" papers from MTH
Canvas background cling stamp by Impression Obsession
Sketch Copic Marker in E40
Mini Blending Foams
Tape Refills for my ATG Gun
VersaMagic Pigment Ink in Pink Petunia
Project Life Pocket Pages in Design G
MaMa Elephant Stamp - Everyday Greeting

I was happy with my purchase. I'm thinking of going down to MTH again this weekend but let's see... I would like to buy some dies from Lil' Inker and if I really get down to purchasing them, I can't go to MTH as that would be too costly for me for August. ^^ When it comes to crafting, it's always best to set a monthly budget in my opinion. 

Come Sunday, I managed to get J to have lunch over at Nam Nam Noodles. He had chicken Banh Mi (boring~~~) and I had the usual which is Wagyu Beef Pho. This time, I ordered an extra serving of Wagyu Beef and also Pork & Prawn Rolls. It was delicious! Best part? I don't need to spend a dime! Ha ha...

After that, I went to my Mom's. I need to cut Horlick's nails and he wouldn't let me unless my brother's around. He's afraid of my brother for whatever reasons, I'm not sure. I think it might be due to past experiences. Horlick was rescued from an industrial area and there's lots of foreigners (Bangladeshis) working there. When I first saw Horlick at his foster's place, his face was stained with what appears to be diesel. His foster told me that the foreigners poured diesel on poor Horlick. She rescued him and showered him many times but still couldn't get the stain completely off. So I guess Horlick has been afraid of tall men ever since. My poor boy...

Talking about Horlick, I'm thinking of getting him a toy so he don't get bored at home and so he has something exciting to play with! I'll share a picture with you when I get it which will take a while as the mother of Horlick is an indecisive person. ^^

Oh! Before I forget, I went to visit Chub Chub on Friday and boy is she growing in temper. This lady is not to be trifled with! She screamed and that, she did a few times. Mostly when she couldn't get what she wants or she couldn't wait for stuff like her food. What a temper! I guess she'll be a monster when she grows up. Perhaps I should call her monster of chub chub. Ha ha... Just kidding... No matter how big of a terror she is, she'll always be my beloved! ^^ I'm missing her already... =( I hope she comes back SOON! Chub Chub's mother, are you reading this?!?! Ha ha...

Have a blessed Monday!

Dreamy C

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