Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dinner on the 1st Day of Lunar New Year

1st day of Lunar New Year, most of the shops are closed for business. The only food available are that from the Malays and Indians. I had wanted to bring Mommy to a place for some nice burgers called Suprette. It has some good reviews and I was looking forward to going. I called and they do open for business on the 1st day. In the end, we didn't go as Mommy's too lazy to travel.

So here we go...

I had 2 of these Cheese Prata.
Prata is mainly made of dough and it taste yummy!
We shared a plate of Beef Kailan and Mommy had Bee Hoon Ikan Bilis.

I also had Mee Tom Yum.
Yes, I CAN be a big eater. =)

Both of us had the same beverage - Teh Halia which really is Ginger Tea.

Hungry already? Ha ha...

Dreamy C

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