Wednesday, 7 December 2016

3D2N I Love Jakarta Trip

Whoo hoo...!!! Jakarta baby... I'm coming for ya!
This time round with J and I won't be spending my b'day in Singapore!
Double win!

Turned out I didn't venture to places I would like to as it was pouring on the 2nd day.
An experience in itself and I wouldn't trade it for anything even though I ended up with a slight cold.
Something positive out of it is the surroundings, people and food in Café Batavia.
I had really delicious Sop Buntut there.
Being a Car Free Sunday, the atmosphere is also great!
Spirits of Jakartans weren't dampened at all by the rain!
While all of us were seeking shelter, a small group of local young adults played and sang some music on their guitars. This is what I call - enjoyment while caught in the rain.
A lady fell from her bicycle when it was raining and a few men went to help her. Great attitude!
I applaud them! I'm not sure if Singaporeans would do the same...
Yes, such 'hope' I have for my local people. Years of residence here has gotten me a bit sceptical.

Want to look at photos? Check them out on my Instagram account!

Till next time... it has been fun in Jakarta and I'm definitely going to make lots more trips there!!!

Dreamy C

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