Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Holiday Update 2 for Year 2016!

Previously, I mentioned that I'm going to visit Jakarta during the Christmas period.
Alas! This is not to be since I'm going to travel with J and he's not one to celebrate Christmas away from his kiddos. So, I've to compromise. Well, it IS a holiday after all...

We will be flying with Air Asia and the hotel will be the same i.e. Mercure Sabang.
This time round however, I'm going to book a room which overlooks the city, hopefully Monas.
I'll put a request in.

If I were travelling solo, I would skip the breakfasts in the hotel but since J's tagging along this time, I'll have to include breakfasts in the hotel. He's not one who would look around the surrounding for food. He's also very particular with food.
I don't blame him... He's travelled to many places and hence, might have turned more sceptical whereas I'm not a well travelled person so I'm open to adventures and disappointments. That's when the magic takes place isn't it? Solo travel - I love and would seize all opportunities to do it!

Well, stay tuned! It's going to be a busy, busy December for me.
A sweet ending to Year 2016!

Dreamy C

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