Saturday, 18 July 2015

Thankful for My Helper

This might be a long one peeps so get a cup of tea and read on...

The last time S went back to Indonesia was around 2 or 3 years ago. She was gone for merely 10 days. Back then, I thought that was long enough and when she's back, I was really thankful.
This time round, she'll be gone for 3 whole weeks! Barely 5 days have gone and not one single day did I not wish she's by my side instantly. Let me first share my daily routine with you.

Mon - Thur
Wake up at 5.30 AM and prepare breakfast for First Born and J.
Clean up the dishes, wipe the table, dry the dishes and put them back where they belong.
My breakfast? None! Just a packet of Reserve if I'm lucky.
Sweep the floor, wipe the stairs.
Shower and prepare for work.
Work till 5 PM before making my way home.
Prepare dinner and later, tea and chocolate for J.
Wash the dishes, wipe the table, dry the dishes and put them back where they belong.
Clean up the stove and kitchen floor.
Prepare for First Born's supper.
Wash the dishes, wipe the table, dry the dishes and put them back where they belong.
Clean the sink.

Friday & Saturday is the same routine except that I'm required to prepare lunch also and the portions of all meals are bigger since Fatty and Handsome stays over as well.
Saturday, the kiddos and J have soccer which means I get to wash stinky clothes! How exciting...
Can you sense my sarcasm???

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday is laundry & iron day.

Think it's easy peasy??? Go ask your mother, care taker, grandmother etc. It's really a thankless job and unappreciated one.
Imagine spending time cutting the ingredients, preparing them, cooking them, serving them and later, washing them. After all that work, a kid or 2 comes telling you that they cannot finish what is on their plate (only 1/4 was consumed!) just because they do not like the chicken or they don't like the bread etc. It's just a different brand of bread or different brand of chocolate milk or I failed to remove ALL fats of the chicken or I selected a Chicken Thigh instead of Chicken Breast etc. The reasons can be plentiful and ridiculous. If you think I don't cook good enough, think again. Even though I've not properly cooked a full meal for years, the cooking skills that I garnered in my first marriage for 7 whole years is still around, I can assure you. First Born, Handsome and J have absolutely no issues with the food I prepare. Only Fatty. I should probably call him Fussy instead of Fatty now...

For a person who usually gets up at 7.30 AM, it's really a BIG deal getting up at 5.30 AM every single day. We're talking about a cut of 2 hours of sleep on a daily basis!
Sure, before S goes home, I told J that he has to help as well. He has to water the plants everyday, he has to do his own coffee, he has to wash J's school uniform on weekdays, he has to prepare lunch for First Born and himself on weekdays and he has to prepare breakfast for ALL on Saturday.
Guess what? He gave up. He simply say he can't do all that.
What did he really do at the end of the day?

Water the plants - He do it on alternate days. Do you drink only on alternate days?! Plants need their water every single day too! What he's doing now is just giving them a slow death in my opinion.

Do his own coffee? Forget it. My job now.

Wash J's school uniform? Yes, he does it but I'm not sure if it's clean. He doesn't soak them, that I know...

Prepare lunch for First Born and himself? He didn't know he has to wash the rice! I'm really not sure where this is heading. He'll most probably say he couldn't do it and get me to pre-prepare sandwiches.

Prepare breakfast for ALL on Saturday? Shit! My job too!

Oh! I've to clean the toilets and make the beds too. Everything in my life changes when S is gone. J's lifestyle stays pretty much the same. My breakfast today was consumed over the sink 'cos I really didn't want to wash another plate or wipe the dining table. Really pathetic... Oh and one more thing! I ALWAYS get to be the last one eating my meals. Why? 'Cos I'm busy scooping food on plates and serving them that's why!

Okie enough of my rant now. For all that I've 'suffered' and will most probably go on 'suffering' for the next 17 odd days, I'm really thankful for S. Sure, she's paid to do her job but STILL, I am really thankful. I'll give her a BIG hug when she's back. I might squeeze a tear or 2 out of my tear ducts. ^^

What impact does her leave have on me? It has been 5 days since I last pooed. Now, I just broke a record. I also started to shout in my sleep. Oh boy...

I sure hope you stop reading now and go give your Mom, Helper, Grandmother, Father or whoever takes care of you a BIG hug and tell them how much you Love them and is thankful they are around looking out for you. Don't think you can get away just 'cos you're an adult. Do the same too!

Have a pleasant Saturday Y'all...

Dreamy C

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