Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Yay!!! I’m going to stay at Capella Sentosa come 11th December 2013!!!

Okie… it’s together with the kiddos. Well, on the positive side, I’ll get to see what’s the deal with villas in Capella which makes them so enticing. Photos I promise will be uploaded on the same day or the next.

I’ve asked J to give me an Ang Bao as my birthday present. How much I’m able to spend on my handicraft will depend on how much he gives me. I’m almost done with making Christmas cards. Next will be Chinese New Year cards but I’m not sure if J would want me to make them for the company? 

If he needs me to, then I’ll have to buy a couple of stamps over at Etsy. I’ll only be making 1 type of design as getting materials to make Chinese New Year cards aren’t easy. 

If he doesn’t need me to do it, then I’ll spend the money on Washi Tapes. I badly need many of those for my Filo. I need many of the slim solid colors, a few floral ones, a few polka dot ones, a few striped ones and a few others.

Let me show you how my next week looks like. See below:

I love it!!!

Dreamy C

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