Friday, 15 November 2013

A Long Awaited Trip...

I’m planning to go on a trip to Bangkok May next year. Labour Day falls on a Thursday and I can make use of that and go for a short trip. In April next year, there’s a holiday on Friday – Good Friday. I can’t travel due to my faith. DUH! Going in May would also mean that I can break free from the kids for once. Don’t get me wrong. They are adorable and cute and all but like other boys, they can be very naughty and challenging. It would do me good to be away from them even for a short period. =)

Going during May would also mean that Lychees, Mangoes and Pineapples are in season. Yummy… The last time I was in Bangkok was in March 2012. We were there for 4D3N and frankly speaking, it’s not enough. Time zooms past real fast! We stayed in Novotel Platinum and it was pleasant. The room was clean and spacious. The beds were big enough. I believe we booked the standard or superior room. It was nothing expensive but good enough. Our meals were taken mostly from other hotels like Shangri-La and we never venture out at night.

This time, I’m going to book a room at Pathumwan Princess as within walking distance to the Siam Centre & Siam Paragon. It’s also very near to MBK. I’m sure Mommy would love going there. We can take the tuk tuk to Central World or Pratunam Centre or Platinum Fashion Mall if Mommy would like to go there. As for floating market, I believe we can grab a cab there. We can also grab a cab or tuk tuk to Chatuchak Market. I might even consider taking the BTS to Chatuchak Market. I don’t really fancy Chatuchak Market but I’ll go anyway as Mommy might be interested.

Now that I’ve searched for the hotel I would like us to stay in, I need to plan how many days we are staying and where to get good food. Why do I need to plan so much? If I were going alone, I’m not going to do all these homework. Mommy has high expectations. Vacay in Bangkok has to be filled with massages, shopping and most importantly, good food. She loves spicy food and has high expectations. It need not be expensive but it cannot taste shitty. My brother brought her to Malacca once and she came back full of complains. I don’t want to end up like him. *shakes head* Besides, she’s the most important person in my life other than God. I want to please her and make her happy. =) I’ve only ONE Mommy leh… Heh heh… Frankly speaking, why I thought of bringing her to Bangkok is so she can get her ointment. For me, it’s not all about massages, food etc. All those are secondary. The primary reason is ointment. There’s a certain brand of ointment which Mommy adores and they can only be purchased in Thailand. I’ll take a photo of it when I’m there. The last time I went, I bought her a dozen. She finished those in less than a year. That’s how tok gong she is!

I might go there for 7D6N. You might think that the duration is too long for Bangkok but I don’t want to rush during a holiday. I want to take it slow and easy and enjoy. Just chill out! Considering the places I would like to bring Mommy, 7D6N is just nice. I’m planning to fly on a Tuesday as I might have a class on Mondays come next year.

This is the plan:

Tuesday – Go shopping and go Chinatown at night.
Wednesday – Visit Grand Palace, Wat Pho which is directly adjacent to the Grand Palace where they have the reclining Buddha, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun. Do some massage at Wat Pho area and most probably settle all 3 meals around that area.
Thursday – Go for a River Cruise.
Friday – Floating Market, massage and go to a Skybar at State Tower. I heard that it’s at level 64!
Saturday – Chatuchak Market and dinner at a nice place which sells nice ribs. I believe it’s called Devilish something.
Sunday – Go shopping and more massages. We will probably find some stuff to do on this casual day.
Monday – This is an extra day where it’s used to fill up any stuff we want to do last minute.

On Sunday, I might want to make a trip to see some tigers. If Mommy agrees, we will go there on Sunday and will do some last minute shopping come Monday before we head home. I found out that there’s even a Cat Café in Bangkok! I might bring Mommy there for some tea… =)

I can’t wait for May to come sooner…!!!

Dreamy C

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