Monday, 18 April 2016

An Update

I have been busy.
Busy eating.
I watched 2 x movies recently - The Huntsman & The Jungle Book.
The Huntsman - Overhyped. Disappointing.
The Jungle Book - Enjoyed it thoroughly.
I took a break from creating cards.
I've been spending more time on the Bible now that BSF started since February.
I also handled some issues with my marriage recently.
I've gotten really tired and I've finally made a decision.
Now, it's up to my partner on how much he wants to keep the marriage.
I shall not go into details but I'm finally at peace with myself, I'm able to find joy in simple things in life and I treat myself better. Best part? I'm able to sleep better these nights.
I no longer yell in the middle of my sleep. Yes, that's how bad the marriage made me.
I also made a trip to KL to visit Chub Chub!
After this trip, I realized how stinking adorable she can be, how notti she can be and how manipulative she can turn out to be. Ha ha...! I missed her the minute I stepped foot into Singapore.
I'm planning another trip, probably in September since there's a public holiday then.
I celebrated Mom's b'day last month and my bro & I brought her for a Crab dinner @ Still Road, which happens to be her favourite. Dowager's important day. We must satisfy her. Ha ha...!
I've also been busy exercising. I weighed 64kg and after 3 months of on-off exercise, I'm now at 61kg! Not bad I should say but most importantly is that I feel really good after all the sweat. I also bought some sports bra from Lululemon. Sexy and in bright colours - orange and pink. Love them!
I'm looking forward to June as I'll be travelling to Bangkok with a girlfriend!
KL in March 2016
Bangkok in June 2016
KL in September 2016 (probably)
Taiwan or Hong Kong in December 2016
So there you have it! My travel plans for Year 2016! I'm going to make sure I'm not in Singapore on my special day! A promise I've been thinking of but not fulfilled yet. I intend to fulfill it this year!
Have fun Y'all!!!
Dreamy C

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