Saturday 7 December 2013

A Haul - Kinnokuniya

So I went to Brotzeit for lunch last Saturday or was it Sunday? See food photos below:

J's starter - Garden Salad

My starter - Onion Soup
I like the one from Bistro Du Vin better

J's Snitzel

My Chili Sausages

Okie we didn't have this but it was the 1st time I saw a Hello Kitty cake up close and personal. This was taken from Breadtalk.

Thereafter, J & I went to Kinnokuniya. Take a look at the items bought:

Love These!!!

Reinforcement Rings
I need to make a trip down to Daiso and see if they carry these in other designs.

Looking oh-so-adorable...

Bunny Stamp!

Washi Tapes

That's all for today!

Dreamy C

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