Wednesday, 17 July 2013

God Says Love Your Enemies...

God did say that in the Bible but it's not easy at all. God also says that He will not give you obstacles you cannot bear and that He will be there for you.

Through the years, I've been trying to love my enemies. It's really tough I tell you and I can't say I've succeeded in it. Let's put it this way. I do not have enemies but I do have people who detest me. There's definitely one who hates me and perhaps wish that I would have been dead?

She's the meanest person I've ever come across in my life and I'm being judgmental here. God also told us not to judge. Judge and be judged. Easier said than done. I've tried being nice to her but venom she returned me with. I made her a b'day card and thanks I do not deserve. Sure, you can't change how people treat you. It no longer means that good begets good. This generation, if you think that people will treat you nice just because you treat them nice? Think again. It definitely didn't happen to me.

I've been nice. Perhaps not nice enough? Do I deserve all the hate that's coming to me? I can tell you I don't deserve them but life just isn't fair all the time. In fact, it's mostly unfair.

Is it true that if I love my enemies, they will in turn love me back? Is my heart big enough to love willingly, unconditionally? I'm not sure. Perhaps I'm a lousy lover. If I continue to love my enemies and they slap me left, right and centre and I continue loving them, does that make me dumb, a moron, an idiot? Will my enemy laugh at me and think I'm stupid? Does it matter if people think I'm stupid?

Oh well, just me acting up on a Wednesday. I hope you have a better one...

Dreamy C

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